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Product overview

FN PS90 5.7x28mm Rifle

FN PS90 5.7x28mm Rifle

$1,729.99 Regular Price
$1,505.09Sale Price
  • Information

    Manufacturer: FN AMERICA

    Finish/Color: Black

    Item ID: FN3848950460

    Capacity: 30

    Model: PS-90

    Type of Barrel: Hammer-forged, chrome-lined and Ported muzzle brake.


    Description: Chambered in the 5.7x28mm cartridge, the FN PS90 utilizes blowback operation and fires from a closed bolt for greater accuracy and reliability. The FN PS90 s civilian legal 16.04? cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel is equipped with an integrated mu

    Type: Inventory

    Sights: Optic Ready Rail

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