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Racking a Pistol Slide

Product overview

FN 509 LS Edge - 9mm

FN 509 LS Edge - 9mm


The FN 509 LS EDGE? is the ultimate tactical pistol. Made for the most demanding environments where split-seconds matter and holding the advantage in your hands is a must have. With a crisp and flat-faced trigger, flared aluminum magazine well and lightening-cut Long Slide, these in-factory enhancements compliment the FN 509 Low-Profile Optics-Mounting System? and fiber optic sight package to help shooters master firearm control and build expert marksmanship. The newest Long Slide from FN is the most advanced striker fired 509 handgun available. Each high-performance feature was critically chosen to give you every advantage. Chambered in 9mm Luger and tested with a million of rounds of live fire, it?s equally at home defending freedom, or crushing the competition at a match.

Color: Gray
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